French courses

You will attend French courses according to your level, from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1/C2) in order to : 

  • Improve your written and oral production and expression :

    • Facilitate your integration into daily French life (General French)

      • Oral communication role-plays

      • Short article and email writing

    • Facilitate your PhD Studies : Improve your professionnal written and oral communication, in accordance with your level, and the requirements of your thesis supervisor

      • Article writing

      • Oral presentations 

  • Discover the French culture, national and local news, geographic environment through authentic French documents 

  • Upon request, you will receive a certificate of attendance with : 
    • The level at which you attended the course
    • The total number of class hours taken at this level 
  • This French course allows you to earn credits, according to the agreement of your Doctoral School.
    Validated credits require a certain percentage of class hours to be taken. You will also be assessed on a continous basis during the semester allowing to determine your level group for the next semester. 
  • To guarantee progress, you must attend every lesson as pe the agreement with your Doctoral School registration constitutes an agreements with :
    • The doctoral School which finances this course
    • Your French course teacher 
  • You have to prevent in advance by email of any absence in upcoming lessons. The Doctoral School may not renew you enrollment in the subsequent semester (your absences should be judged excessive). You have to notify the course administrator if you don't wish (or aren't able) to attend the course anymore. 


Contact : annette.deperneuniv-lillefr 
DEFI Cité Scientifique Building SUP/SUAIO, 2nd floor, Office 204 
Tel : 03 20 26 81 93
Office closed evey thursday afternoon